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Welcome to Joshstar Herefords

My name is Steve Morgan and I am married to Lauren, we have two children, Josh and Stacey whose names were the base of our stud name. Josh is a qualified electrician, Stacey is married to Regan who is our son-in-law and their son Jacob is our grandson.
Diane Reisima, her son Matthew and daughter Lisa, who live on our farm help with the stock and showing. Matthew and Lisa have their own hereford stud Kimihia.
About Us

Joshstar was established in 2003, but it wasn't until 2008 when we purchased three quality foundation females from John and Sandra Taylor's Waitaporiri dispersal sale that changed our direction of where we wanted to be with our Herefords. Later purchases were made from Leelands, Platform, Awhea, Ardo and Kairuru female stock of similar pheno types.
Joshstar then purchased Awhea Immense 420 at the 2010 New Zealand Beef National which was a defining moment for our stud, not only a magnificent champion show bull, he is leaving great progeny, quiet, soft with lots of length and thickness.
Our aim is to have a quality cow herd that will produce good carcass animals, well structured and soft skinned for the stud and commercial environment.
Our cow herd and replacements are farmed just north of Huntly in the Waikato. We would enjoy taking you through our herd anytime.
* Looking forward to our first annual bull sale.
Joshstar Genetics

Joshstar Herefords places high value on our stud breeding cows because they are the srength of our stud, then it's up to us to breed them well.
Joshstar Herefords has a focused breeding program in place to produce the type of animal for New Zealand stud breeders and commercial farmers.

Joshstar sires for 2013 mating

Home sires
Awhea Immense 080420
Joshstar Olympus 1203
Joshstar Caesar 1222
Joshstar Wat A Bull 1120
AI sires
Awhea Immense
WLB Global 72M 50S
Kairuru Bounty 040061
Joshstar Curlysman 0904
Doonbiddie Hustler R51
Harvie Ladies Man 4L
Our flush program also adds depth to our breeding year.
Bull Sale 2018

26th June 2014
Huntly, Waikato

Flush Programme

Flush cows that go into the flush program are chosen because they consistantly produce quality progeny and it is an exciting part of the Joshstar breeding program to grow our breeding cow depth.

Flush Programme
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